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University of Patras
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Applied Electronics Laboratory
Remote Monitored & Controlled Laboratory


Remote Monitored and Controlled Laboratory - RMCLab is a project developed within Applied Electronics Laboratory, University of Patras that implements a Client-Server architectural model to remotely manage, that means monitor and control, real laboratory equipment, instrumentation and dedicated hardware.

The RMCLab is already "running" for 2-academic lessons, Analog and Digital Integrated Circuits, for the 3rd's year curicculum for the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Technology, at University of Patras.

Main goals that RMCLab achieves are:

  • allows users-students to have remotely, but full access to real laboratory equipment
  • allows tutors-teachers to develop custom experiments to run under RMCLab
  • has expandable capabilities, regarding:
    • educational (cost limited - high level lab's) and
    • industrial purposes (testing and verification)
  • multiple users can be "active" at the same time, running different experiments
  • high-cost istrumentation can be distributed via Internet to multiple, resulting in:
    • obtaining a high level and low-cost laboratory for end-users
    • increasing manageability for expensive instrumentation
  • RMCLab users can easy and free get the necessary software to access the real lab

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